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Just a little personal information about me. I am Australian, with Dutch and English heritage. I love photography, travelling and ancient/historical buildings. They give me a creative boost and inspire me to think about more than just technology, screens and self involved issues. I value family first and for most! communicating, planning and organising events that are of importance to me in my personal life and can transfer thoes skills into my workplace.

When it comes to my work life I offer a unique style of organisation, leader and co-operative skills. I value the environment, job advancement and the social structure of the workplace; such as moral of other staff, friendliness, a place where every one is genuine and cares about each other. These values are important as if your work team is strong internally, your team will be strong  and confident with their values when they interact with our customers, and get greater community, both will enhance brand image and offer opportunities for further brand engagement.






Miss Louisa Clare

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